The 30 day walk with jesus is a time where we can reflect on the love we share for our lord and savior.  

The Lord is with us each and every day but we don't always realize that he is there. Most only look to him when we need something. But we need to look to him just because we want to. I am not saying that it is wrong to ask things from him but many people do just that. 

These 30 days will allow us to become closer to him more then we have ever been before. So if you want to become closer to the person who gave up his life for all of us then I suggest you take this challenge. 

Below please feel free to comment how you feel about the 30 days you spent with Jesus and reflecting your love with him. 

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    A believer to the impossible. A dreamer to the world. And a follower to our Lord and Savior. 


    July 2013