I am so happy that summer is here. But it seems to be going too fast for me. One minute I am eating breakfast and then the next minute I am in bed, asleep for the night. 

My mum is moving us to a new school. She was going to do private school but after an incident at work we won't be doing that. Her boss fired someone who was not doing their job right and that person decided to cause a whole lot of problems. Those problems are causing a big money loss and so my mum won't be getting the pay check she deserves. 

So that means that we are still changing schools. I just think that it is going to be very hard for me to go to a new school. I am in 11th grade and I will be the outsider pretty much at my new school. I doubt anyone will want to be friends with me or talk to me. I am just so scared. 

So we decided on Fraser, a must according to my sister. She claims that she can finally do theater and everyone will love her. Well I am not so into the school. Its too many kids for my taste and I am scared to death. 

At this point I wish summer could last forever. 

Tell me what  you think by commenting below. 

Man I am one slow to person and it takes me forever to get with the program. Well hello everyone and sorry for the long wait. I have been so caught up with band and school that I just don't have much time anymore to really do anything. 

Turns out we did not die from the whole end of the world thing. We were tricked by those Mayans. By the way people they had no leap year so the end of the world if you follow it would have been about 7 months ago or something. Either way we survived and did not die at all. 

So we are now in the year 2013. I have been doing this website for about 3 years now and I still love this site. You guys have always been coming to my site and checking it. You are all very loyal and mean a great deal to me. 

Anywho I love saying this phrase "Good bye 2012 hello 2013" A new year, means that we have a new opportunity to make this year the best. 

So what are your guys resolutions for this year? Think you will follow through with any of them? Com
Hi every one. How are you all. Man homecoming for me is today and i decided to take some of my time getting ready so I can post this blog today. 

Man this school year had been seeming to go very fast. I don't know if that is just me but i think it has. I have been doing so many things that i just haven't had the time to talk to you people in a while. I have really missed talking to you all. 

So how has life been treating you all? Hey if any of you out there need someone to talk to i am always here. I will listen no matter what. 

So bye people and I hope to talk to you all soon. I have to finish getting ready. I went to my boyfriends homecoming two weeks ago now we are going to mine. I have such a busy scheduled. 

au revoir
J'espère vous voir tous bientôt et je vais poster dès que je peux.
Au revoir à nouveau

p.s. Its french it means.....
I hope to see you all soon and I will post again as soon as I can.
Goodbye again

So school has started. Ugh I already have homework as it is and to many elements to remember for Chemistry. Why did they name and spell the elements so weird. 

So what have you all been up to? I haven't gotten any poetry entries from you all yet but I hope I get some soon. I am thinking of doing a creative contest where you show your gifts off. I don't know if  i will do it but if I do I will post information about it soon promise. 

Oh and my prize for this contest is a friendship bracelet of your choice and something else, which I am still thinking of lol. So if you have any prize ideas please tell me. 

Have a wonderful day people    
When people think they are better than everyone else really gets on my nerves. 

I don't have many nerves in the first place but when something really bothers me such as that it just gets on my nerves so much that I just want to explode into like a thousand pieces. 

For example I know this kid that goes to my school and this person thinks they are all that. It is a good thing to have some self confidence but being an arrogant idiot is just plain stupid. being that way is not going to get you a lot of real friends in the long run. True friends are there to stick with you through thick and thin. People however don't like other people who are way too full of themselves. 

Like a said before it is good to have confident in yourself. But to much could lead you to a dangerous path in the future. Your boss won't like you for thinking you are better than everyone else, and if you just happen to push the wrong button once you might as well say good bye to your job in the end. 

Arrogance is an ugly trait to have. It could ruin your life in the end. You might never have a wife/husband or kids because of it. Its ok to be confident but don't go too far or kiss you could just kiss your life away.  
I made it through my first night. Lol I survived. Nothing came and got me. To be honest with all of you it is weird not sharing a room with my sister. I have shared the same room with her for more than ten years. Now it feels so weird with out her.

So anywho I am thinking of making friendship braclets and sell them to all of you guys out there. What do you think of that idea?

On wattpad I am working my hardest to get my next chapter done. I am sort of stuck though. But I will try to finish it soon.

Talk to you all later and don't forget to comment.

adios for now
Tonight is my fist night in my own room. Yay!! I finally have a space that I can call my own. No more worrying about keeping my sister up. All that matters is that I get some sleep lol.

My brother moved out Saturday. He had a small; and when I say small I mean a very small; room. (p.s. I am terrible at grammar. Lol)

My sister Emily got his room and guess what. I get the huge second to largest bedroom. Go me!!

To all those people out there they are stuck sharing a room. I feel so bad for you. If you want u can comment and tell me what you think.

Anyways I will post again in the morning if I made it through the night. Lol

Bye my peeps. Sleep well
Hi people. Omg I am doing this from my iPod. This is sooo cool. Weebly now came up with an app that allows u to visit your site. It is sooo cool.

So any way. I am like extremely bored here right now. All I am doing is sitting on my bed doing nothing but blogging. Lol.

So anyway tell me what is up with all u guys. Ooh and one last thing or two. Please tell people about my site and don't forget to comment.

Ps visit often lol

Love you guys
Omg I am like so excited people! For my 16th birthday my mom told me she was going to take me to go see coldplay. I honestly can't wait. Its in August and it is before my birthday but by then they will be in Chicago by then. I want to see them before it is too late. You know? My birthday is in October and honestly I can't wait. lol 

Ok my summer trip got canceled because we didn't have enough chaperons. (I hope I spelled that right lol) Well that doesn't really stop me. I have been riding my bike for hours straight hoping that next summer I can do a bike race. 

So here is my question for you all. What do you all plan on doing this summer? Comment bellow and tell me what you think. 

Thanks and don't forget to tell people about this site. 

Look at the cute little cat off to the side if you all are on your computer not your phone. Isn't it just do Cute!! DONUT WANT!! I hope you guys like  what me and Akasha did to the site. we made it look so much better. well i shall talk to you all latter. ttyl