I made it through my first night. Lol I survived. Nothing came and got me. To be honest with all of you it is weird not sharing a room with my sister. I have shared the same room with her for more than ten years. Now it feels so weird with out her.

So anywho I am thinking of making friendship braclets and sell them to all of you guys out there. What do you think of that idea?

On wattpad I am working my hardest to get my next chapter done. I am sort of stuck though. But I will try to finish it soon.

Talk to you all later and don't forget to comment.

adios for now
Tonight is my fist night in my own room. Yay!! I finally have a space that I can call my own. No more worrying about keeping my sister up. All that matters is that I get some sleep lol.

My brother moved out Saturday. He had a small; and when I say small I mean a very small; room. (p.s. I am terrible at grammar. Lol)

My sister Emily got his room and guess what. I get the huge second to largest bedroom. Go me!!

To all those people out there they are stuck sharing a room. I feel so bad for you. If you want u can comment and tell me what you think.

Anyways I will post again in the morning if I made it through the night. Lol

Bye my peeps. Sleep well
Hi people. Omg I am doing this from my iPod. This is sooo cool. Weebly now came up with an app that allows u to visit your site. It is sooo cool.

So any way. I am like extremely bored here right now. All I am doing is sitting on my bed doing nothing but blogging. Lol.

So anyway tell me what is up with all u guys. Ooh and one last thing or two. Please tell people about my site and don't forget to comment.

Ps visit often lol

Love you guys
Omg I am like so excited people! For my 16th birthday my mom told me she was going to take me to go see coldplay. I honestly can't wait. Its in August and it is before my birthday but by then they will be in Chicago by then. I want to see them before it is too late. You know? My birthday is in October and honestly I can't wait. lol 

Ok my summer trip got canceled because we didn't have enough chaperons. (I hope I spelled that right lol) Well that doesn't really stop me. I have been riding my bike for hours straight hoping that next summer I can do a bike race. 

So here is my question for you all. What do you all plan on doing this summer? Comment bellow and tell me what you think. 

Thanks and don't forget to tell people about this site.