When people think they are better than everyone else really gets on my nerves. 

I don't have many nerves in the first place but when something really bothers me such as that it just gets on my nerves so much that I just want to explode into like a thousand pieces. 

For example I know this kid that goes to my school and this person thinks they are all that. It is a good thing to have some self confidence but being an arrogant idiot is just plain stupid. being that way is not going to get you a lot of real friends in the long run. True friends are there to stick with you through thick and thin. People however don't like other people who are way too full of themselves. 

Like a said before it is good to have confident in yourself. But to much could lead you to a dangerous path in the future. Your boss won't like you for thinking you are better than everyone else, and if you just happen to push the wrong button once you might as well say good bye to your job in the end. 

Arrogance is an ugly trait to have. It could ruin your life in the end. You might never have a wife/husband or kids because of it. Its ok to be confident but don't go too far or kiss you could just kiss your life away.  

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