Hi people what you all up to. Well guess what. This summer i shall be going to an Indian reservation and i am thinking about taking pictures and putting it on my site. That would be really cool to do. Don't you all think so? well if i do i hope you all will like them. I am pretty excited about going. Hope you all enjoy today. Ttyl 
 You all should check out my friend akasha's page. It is totally awesome! You can go right to it by looking at the tab at the top of the page. Hope you all can check it out. she has some really cool pictures and she even has her own blog. So please check it. I hope you enjoy her awesomeness.  
MUAHAHAA. This is Akasha, taking over Nora's blog. This font is rather obnoxious. 
So, how's it goin' guys? how's the new year treatin' ya? HUH? HOW IS IT? 

erm.. I'm a ninja.. so. 

It is the beginning of a new year which means new begiings for some of us here in this life. Some of made promises that we probably wont keep and do the same thing next year too. that is ok because we are meant to live life to the fullest that we can. I say this year we should try to do our best to keep our promises this year that way we wont feel guilty about breaking too many. lol enjoy your new year and beginning. 
So far in the past week there has been 7 teenage suiceds in michigan. i must say that seems very scarry dont you think. We though can stop it. If a friend tells you that they want to do this and they say dont tell anyone that means tell someone. Even if they dont tell you there are signs. Like they will be really quiet and moody. Along with that there is a whole list. We are the people today and we can stop it. Take a hand and help stop this. We need you all to help.
Hi people i am thinking of starting a book club for all you loyal people who come to my site. I want to do this so that we all get to know each other better and it is totally free. I will put a list below of all the books that we can read and you just comment on this post on which one you want to read. The most votes of a book gets is the first book we will read. And don't worry it is nothing like school at all. LOL  oh and just vote on the books you want to read by adding a comment. 
The list of books are:
new moon 
breaking dawn
anne of green gables 
burning bright 
nancy drew  
if you have any thing else you want to read please comment 
Thank you  and i hope you all can join. 
Well I entered the national history day contest. I did Not win though. I must say though that it was not the best contest ever but i might enter it next year. I think next year i will have a better change at winning. If any of you have some tips for me please comment on this entry. Your comments can help me in the future  
Well as you can guess sage potter won the poetry contest. There was many other good poems and very well thought-ed poems but as you can tell sages poem was the best. This not the last contest but the beginning to  many others. now they may not all be poetry contest but they will be fun. Oh and to place a comment just press comment up above. Oh and i want to say thank you to all the wonderful poems i got. i cant w
i know you all want to enter the contest so please enter. i know some of you out there are in to poetry. oh and who like this website and what do you like about it?

you just send it to me and who ever wins gets it published on the site 
Well i wondering how you guys think about the site?  But most of all i was wondering if you guys like the poetry contest and if you are going to email me your poems? Just press comments at the top to leave a comment.